Custom Made Stone Caps

custom column cap with round hole

Bring us your unique design for custom-made caps made from natural stone. We have the capability of drilling a 3" standard hole for electrical conduit and lamp bases. Edges can be refaced after cutting if necessary. The black limestone cap above is a pyramid-shaped column cap made with an x-cut from a flat cap, then drilled out for the 3" conduit. In most cases cutting is charged for by the lineal foot, and square or round holes priced separately. If you need a cap with multiple square holes, the best way to order them is to prepare a cardboard template for each cap and bring it to us. Leave 0.25-0.4" or more all the way around any wood posts coming through the opening to allow for expansion and contraction of the wood in dry/wet seasons. We will provide instructions about proper sealing. High-quality sealers and paint used on the wood columns will not prevent wood expansion in the winter. Forces of expansion will ruin the mortar joins and/or crack the stone if the design and installation do not account for this.

custom column cap with square hole

This antique brown column cap has a 6" square hole to accommodate a wood post supporting a front porch roof. If you have a diamond saw and want to make your own custom wall and column caps, we will show you how we do it.

custom circular fire pit cap

If you need a custom column cap with two, three, or four holes, we can make one to fit. This four-hole column cap was made from one piece of black limestone using a cardboard pattern provided by the contractor.

custom circular fire pit cap

This is a round column cap made from blue limestone. A set of four could be used for wheels on Fred Flintstone's car.