Natural Stone Veneer
    Ledge Panel

  Item Ledge Stone Veneer in Stock in Seattle Notes
Antique Silver (0501)
Complements stainless steel.
Crocodile (0502)
Complements copper and has a texture like crocodile skin.
Blizzard White (0504)
Extreme white!
Black Galaxy (0505)
Extreme black!
Mt.Rainier (0506)
Complementary range of nice earth tone colors.
Desert Gold (0507)
A light colored quartzite with a blend of whites, tans, browns and grays.
Autumn Rose (0509)
Multi-color slate with rich textured colors for Seattle and the Northwest.
Ocean Black (0510)
Dark gray in color, or black if sealed. Recommended for interior use only.
Honey Gold (0511)
Medium colored quartzite stone ledge panel. Also known as Gold Quartz.

Similar ledge panel and stack stone products are marketed in the Seattle area through Real Stone Sourse, RSS, RocPro, Real Stone Systems, and Cronin under names such as Glacier, Arctic White, Crystal Black, Rust Multicolor, Terracotta, Mountain Rust Ledgestone, Bluestone Ledgestone, Alpine Jade, Autumn Horizon, Rocky Mountain, Black Mountain, Placer Gold, Sierra Blue, Mocha Mesa, Golden Honey, Trevi Gray, California Gold, Cobalt Natural Ledge, Midnight Moon, Silver Stream, Midnight Black, Charcoal Rust, Golden Honey, White Oak, Glacier Black, Midnight Sky, Charcoal, Sierra, Silverton Mountain, Russet Mountain, Mountain Ledge, Pioneer Mountain, and Eldorado Mountain.