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Solarstone has the absolute best prices in the Seattle area on natural stone landscape pavers from Twillingate Stone & SUI Stone. Matching wall caps, column caps, steps and slabs are in stock. We sell to the public, and believe that everyone deserves a great price. There are six color choices in stock that are ready for immediate pick up. Weight is about 17 pounds/sq.ft. so come prepared, or let us arrange for delivery.

Antique Black pavers are available with sawn edges or natural rockface edges and are 1.25" thick. Available sizes are 12x12", 12x24", 24x24 and 24x36". These pavers are quarried from natural black limestone, calibrated on the bottom, sawn to dimension and lightly tumbled. The surface tends to be smooth with very little layering; it feels great on bare feet. They are uniformly dark gray when dry, but jet black when wet. To keep them dark gray it is recommended they be sealed. Otherwise the surface will slowly fade to a lighter gray when dry, but will be black again when wet. This limestone tends to be very stain resistant and pressure washes nicely. The approximate compressive strength is 14,000 PSI.

Antique Black Pavers

California Gold pavers have sawn edges and a smooth surface except for the layering typical of slate. Available sizes are 12x12", 12x24", and 24x24" at 1.25" thick. California Gold pavers are popular for their variegated earth tones. The backs are calibrated; compressive strength is about 10,000 PSI.

California Gold Pavers

French Vanilla pavers come with sawn edges and are 1.25" thick. Available sizes are 12x12", 12x24", and 24x24". This material is not tumbled and therefore has a very non-slip high-friction surface. Variegated colors tend towards a narrower range within a single lot or crate, and the photo below illustrates the extremes. To get a good idea what your project will look like in French Vanilla, ask to look at the current stock. Also look at the Vashon Island project with French Vanilla on the customer projects photos to appreciate the full beauty of this sturdy yellow limestone with a delicious vanilla flavor! These pavers have calibrated bottoms and compressive strength of about 10,000 PSI.

French Vanilla Pavers

Indian Bluestone pavers have sawn edges and are available in sizes 12x12", 12x24", and 24x24" by 1.25" thick. Backs are calibrated and flat. This is a popular blue limestone so we stock it with both a natural untumbled top and a tumbled surface. Untumbled tops provide high friction even when wet, and the tumbled form has a smoother surface more comfortable to bare feet. Both forms are highly stain resistant. This handsome blue-gray color tends to be uniform within a crate and lot, but there are occasional lighter pieces as illustrated by this photo. Indian bluestone, also known as Indigo Bluestone, is a perfect substitute for the so-called "true blue" form of Pennsylvania bluestone without the excessive cost. These pavers have a compressive strength of about 12,000 PSI.

Indian Bluestone & Indigo Blue Limestone Pavers

Antique Brown pavers are available with sawn edges or natural rockface edges and are available in sizes 12x12", 12x24", and 24x24" by 1.25" thick. The bottoms are calibrated, and the tops are the natural split face with some layering. Brown is generally not a popular color of pavingstone material, but this is a variegated brown with subtle shades of gray woven in. When wet, the colors in this stone are rich and beautiful. The photo of the French Chateau near Woodinville that appears on our home page features this unique stone. Antique Brown is hand split from one of the hardest sandstones on earth. Installers who expect to be cutting a lot of this material may want borrow or buy one of our 14" diamond saw blades designed to cut this material. Compressive strength is about 19,000 PSI.

Antique Brown Sandstone Pavers and Autumn Mist Pavers

Kandla Gray pavers have natural rock face edges and are available in sizes 12x12", 12x24", and 24x24" by 1.25" thick. From a geological perspective, this material is the brother of the Antique Brown paver material above, and their respective quarries are co-located. This beautiful light gray sandstone is incredibly hard, very uniform in color, and tends to split with an undulating layered surface. Unfortunately its light color tends to stain easily. A rotting leaf will leave a dark stain that will take weeks for the sun to bleach out. Sealing would probably help out a lot, but we do not generally recommend it for outdoor applications. It would be great in a sunroom or covered hardscape. Compressive strength is about 20,000 PSI.

Kandla Gray Pavers and Grey Sandstone Pavers