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Pet Headstones - Seattle - $20

Solarstone stocks four colors of pet headstones for $20 each in the Seattle area. We don't engrave them, but lettering can be painted on, done with a dremel tool, sandblasted in, or left blank. Decorating the stone is a wonderful project for a child going through the grieving process after the loss of a pet.

These are hand-made stones carved from natural limestone and sandstone. They are suitable for direct, long-term exposure to the ground or for setting in concrete. The first photo shows the colors when wet; subsequent photos show dry stone.

If you prefer a traditional rectangular headstone rather than the heart-shaped, we stock 12x24x2" stones in five colors for $18 each.

Pet Headstones, Heart-shaped, Shown Wet

Blue Limestone Heart

Indian Bluestone, Pet Headstone, Heart-shaped

French Vanilla Limestone Heart

French Vanilla Limestone, Pet Headstone, Heart-shaped

Black Limestone Heart

Antique Black Limestone, Pet Headstone, Heart-shaped

Brown Sandstone Heart

Antique Brown Sandstone, Pet Headstone, Heart-shaped